Do you know the PBB DNA process?

DNA timeline

- Order processed by PBB DNA team (batches processed weekly)

- Samples sent to Neogen- Samples reach Neogen

- Once testing is completed, Neogen work on reporting results to PBB DNA

- Genotypes loaded through Neogen Sharefile -> Helical

- Add-on results and SNP case numbers emailed to PBB DNA

- Parentage run by PBB DNA

- All results collated and reported to customers, loaded into DNA Portal and BreedPLAN

- Turnaround time within 7 weeks

PBB DNA receive DNA results for each order in various stages, which then need to be collated and the parentage analysis completed. Parentage is run in-house by the PBB DNA team, using the Helical parentage and genotype storage system.

1 - BVD testing is always completed prior to genetic testing, however on the odd occasion results arereported after the genetic test results.

2 - AngusGS 75K profiles are always completed first. An automated pipeline has been set up so that the Helical system checks for new Neogen genotype files and pulls them into the breed container, ready for inclusion in the next possible Single-Step Evaluation.

3 - Add-on results, such as poll and genetic conditions, are emailed through to the PBB DNA team and loaded into the relevant systems, along with the SNP case numbers.

4 – The PBB DNA team run parentage analysis on all orders using the Helical system. Results are then loaded into the relevant systems and reported to customers.

All DNA results go into the DNA team’s workflow, with the aim to collate and report them to customers as soon as possible, to ensure that we adhere to the promised 7 week turnaround time (more often than not, results are reported well within this timeframe).

The Results

Parent verification records are checked by PBB staff and are loaded into the recording system (ILR2) once confirmed with breeder. PBB staff will email you a Parent Verification report.

PBB will check the genetic conditions and email you a report that identifies each animal that was tested and their genetic conditions. PBB will also load these results into the recording system (ILR2).

The genomic profiles are sent to ABRI and will now be used together with your performance data to calculate your EBVs. Results will need to be in before the 3rd of each month and the EBV results are expected to update on the 20th of that same month. Once your EBVs are calculated, you can login to Internet Solutions where you can find more EBV reports for analysis.



Important note regarding Genomics

Should you notice your animals not displaying “Genomics” as a Trait Analysed online following SNP testing, please contact your DNA service provider.

Contact Rochelle, PBB’s Genetics Data Analyst, if the animals were tested through Neogen & PBB (alternative service providers must be contacted directly).