BREEDPLAN is a modern genetic evaluation system for beef cattle breeders. Developed by Animal Genetics & Breeding Unit (AGBU) scientist and delivered to the industry by  Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI), BREEDPLAN offers bull breeders the chance to accelerate genetic progress in their herd, and provides useful information on their stock that they can share with commercial breeders.

BREEDPLAN uses an advanced genetic evaluation system (based on Best Linear Unbiased Prediction (BLUP) technology) to produce Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) of recorded cattle for a range of important production traits (e.g. weight, carcase, fertility). The BLUP software allow the separation of genetic from non-genetic factors affecting animal performance, and which enables genetic comparison of animals from different farms and regions, and from different years.

PBB has been working with BREEDPLAN via AGBU and ABRI for many years. PBB acts as the bridge between NZ beef breeder and BREEDPLAN, making sure all performance data feeds into the evaluation system efficiency.



International Genetic Evaluation commonly known as IGS, is the beef industry largest multi-breed beef cattle evaluation and exists to provide simple and effective genetic tools to serve the beef business using cutting edge science and collaboration.

While the process of calculating EPD on the world’s largest multi-breed database is complex, IGS partners have taken a revolutionary step by presenting the resulting EPD on a common base; thus, allowing commercial producers to directly compare the genetic merit of animals regardless of breed composition. Whether your breeding objective is to develop the next generation of purebred seedstock, or reap the proven benefits of structured crossbreeding, IGS provides the industry’s most reliable genetic solution tools to assist in achieving producers’ goals.

As of 2023, PBB have partnered with IGS to become an IGS license holder. PBB are now able to facilitate data flow into the system and aid data transformation.


Igenity Beef

Igenity Beef is a commercial in-herd beef evaluation system created by Neogen. Igenity uses many different data sources across the world one of which is the IGS database. This means that Igenity is backed by the performance and genotype data of 18.5 million animals across the world including New Zealand performance data.

The test uses the power of DNA to rank your animals top to bottom on performance and profitability. It does this by providing 1-10 scores across 17 maternal, production and carcass traits for every animal tested. The scores allow you to select, manage and market your animals with more confidence. Focus time, feed, and resources on young breeding stock of verified merit.

The testing portfolio is designed for pure and crossbred animals of the following breeds: Angus, Hereford, Simmental, Shorthorn, Limousin and Gelbvieh.

In 2022, PBB worked with Neogen to bring this revolutionary test to New Zealand commercial beef farmers.