Are you looking for a tool to make selection easy?

Igenity is an easy-to-use system that gives greater insight into your herd; it identifies traits that heifers will pass on to their offspring, predictions of fertility and maternal performance, genetic merit for feed efficiency, growth and carcass composition and genetic strengths and weaknesses of your herd.

Igenity achieves this by utilising DNA scores (1-10) for 16 maternal, performance and carcass traits to produce advanced animal profiles.

Igenity helps …
  • Optimise selection decisions on-farm
  • Focus time, feed and resources on breeding stock of verified merit.
  • Raise cows tailored to your production and grazing goals
  • Sort and compare cows to herd mates.
All of which helps generate greater genetic gains and return on investment.

Putting your Igenity scores to work:



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