Team Member Profile: Charlotte Hughes-Long

Name: Charlotte Hughes-Long
Company Role: Livestock Consultant

1) If you could write your own job title that best describes what you do at PBBnz, what would it be?
Genetics & Travelling Support Services

2) What do you do at PBBnz?
I have been involved with SIL; the launch of the new sheep 50k DNA test and everything associated. This included investigating what breeders want included in the test, marketing, undergoing training in uploading genotypes and running parentage to name a few. I have also been helping out Megan with the processing and enquiries of Beef DNA tests, and recently preparing for getting on the road to visit clients and provide support in any of the services we provide. When interacting with clients, I try to make them feel like no question is too far-fetched, making time for everyone whether your dealings with us are big or small.

3) What’s your background?
I grew up on a dairy farm right on the bush edge of the Ruahines. After finishing high school, I graduated from Massey University with an Agriscience degree, alongside my twin sister Frankie. Not long after this we moved to Australia with our best friend, where we all worked in Conferencing and Events before moving back home to NZ last March when Covid struck.

4) What do you like about working at PBBnz?
Although I have not yet worked here long, I was welcomed and made to feel at home and part of the team since day 1. Working in the field I studied in has always been a passion of mine, I am grateful to be back in the agricultural industry and excited to see where working with PBB will take me.

5) What challenges you about working at PBBnz?
Stepping into any new role at a new company can be a challenge for anyone, I am definitely not excluded from this. However, the initial nerves were quickly diminished and now I find I enjoy my workload and any challenges are simply obstacles I work harder to overcome. Personal development to me is a never-ending venture, although as I gain more confidence in myself and in my role, I know my clients and myself alike will benefit from it.

6) What are the values that drive you?
Hard work and the right attitude are two things that I believe can get you far in life. Growing up on a dairy farm and being actively involved with our parents did help me develop a good work ethic and an appreciation for hard work very early on. We have always been taught that if you want something you need to work for it, good things will not (often) find you while you sit down and wait for them.

7) What do you enjoy doing when you are not working/hobbies/interests?
On the weekends I love going to festivals/concerts with friends, or if there isn’t a gig on, I have started exploring different NZ beaches and camping out in the van. While Covid has put a stop to overseas travel, it is a great opportunity to explore the beautiful places we have in our own backyard.

8) If you could invite anyone (dead or alive) to a dinner party who would it be and why?
I would invite all four of my grandparents. I was lucky enough to meet my Nana, Dads mum, however to sit down at a table with all four of my grandparents and share stories would be the dream.  I would love to hear more about our family’s history and especially about what mischief my parents got into as kids, but just to spend time with them and get to know them would be a great dinner party to me.

9) Favourite quote:
I’m a big believer in luck – the harder you work, the luckier you get.