Speckle Park International Joins PBB

PBB is thrilled to announce it has been engaged as service provider to Speckle Park International, providing registry and support services to breeders based in New Zealand and Australia.

Speckle Park International (SPI) is the 14th breed supported by PBB.
SPI chairman Wayne Munt, from Victoria, Australia said their members are looking forward to the high level of service the PBB team offers.

He said the announcement of working with PBB, combined with the appointment of the breeds first CEO Hannah Bourke, have been the biggest changes the breed society has experienced since its inception in 2007 and have been made to accommodate the exponential growth of the breed in Australasia.

The appointment of PBB as service providers and the new CEO will mean Speckle Park breeders throughout Australasia can explore new opportunities for growth, research and marketing.

PBB general manager Harry Faas said he and the team are looking forward to providing performance recording services to SPI breeders.
“It’s an honor for PBB to be part of the breeds growth in Australasia,” he said.