Megan Ellett
Manager of Data & Genetics

Having worked at PBB for a number of years in various roles, Megan oversees everything Genomics related. She supports the data and genetics team with all things from order submissions and interpreting results, to genomic evaluations and diagnostic analysing.

Sonya Knowles
Customer Engagement Agent

Sonya looks after our customers throughout the DNA submission process. She checks, processes and submits all New Zealand DNA orders going to Neogen and assists with the processing of SPI orders for Australian members. Sonya supports our customers with all general DNA enquires as well as advising on DNA testing requirements to meet breed rules and regulations. She also processes all TSU orders.

Sophie Carpenter
Genetics Technician

Sophie has taken on the permanent position of Genetics Technician with the DNA team. She runs the parentage analysis for nearly all of the NZ breeds under the PBB umbrella, using the Helical system. She ensures all DNA results are loaded into BREEDPLAN and other relevant systems such as the DNA portal, as well as looking after DNA data transfer requests - working with third parties including overseas breed associations and other DNA service providers. Sophie also supports our customers with all general DNA enquires, including DNA testing requirements to meet breed rules and regulations.

Rochelle Addenbrooke
Genetics Data Analyst

Rochelle has joined us in a new full-time role, created to support the Genomics Team. Her role involves analysing the breed diagnostic reports to identify genotype issues and seek improvement on genotype processes. Rochelle will be working closely with external service providers and will provide regular updates to the individual breed societies with progress. Communication with our customers to accurately explain errors and support them to resolve genotype issues is a priority. Rochelle will also be working on data analysing projects for PBB and their partners.

Pieter van As PhD
Neogen Genomics Business Consultant

Dr. Pieter van As is New Zealand-based and work directly with Neogen’s distributor PBB. His focus is to drive genomics through the education, adoption, and sales of Neogen’s Genomics and products and services in the New Zealand market.

Dorian Garrick PhD
PBB Board Member

Professor Dorian Garrick PhD, BAgrSc(Hons), is Chief Scientist and Director at Massey University’s AL Rae Centre. The AL Rae Centre is a world leader in the field of quantitative breeding, genetics and genomics.