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Neogen and PBB have teamed up to provide you with ultramodern tools to achieve faster breed improvement and highly accurate genomic-enhanced expected progeny differences. This partnership brings the latest advances in DNA technology to New Zealand at a competitive pricing structure.

Using cutting edge and innovative technologies, Neogen provides reliable, rapid and affordable genomic information that helps livestock producers raise healthier animals and have more productive herds.

We offer effective, affordable genomic profilers for routine seedstock profiling, animal selection and management. You can rely on the PBB-Neogen product offering for broader, deeper profiling of your entire seedstock herd, commercial herd and sheep flock.

As genomic technologies evolve, your data may reveal even more insight in the future. Neogen & PBB partner with seedstock producers, breed associations, commercial breeders, researchers and others across the technology spectrum to give you the greatest possible benefit from your DNA data.

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