New DNA Portal Gateway to Improved Efficiency

PBB has developed a new DNA portal system to allow customers easy access to all of their SNP DNA data processed through Neogen and PBB.

This service will be available to all customers using the PBB DNA service, at no additional cost.

The system will keep a record of customers SNP testing history and will keep you up-to-date with email notifications at various stages of the DNA testing process. There will also be alerts for results that need your attention. This will make searching for SNP test details, results and the like much quicker and easier.

Technology has advanced with SNP and the PBB team wanted to build a system where order details could simply be loaded and customers have the ability to check their own order progress and be alerted when results are available.

The popularity of SNP testing and genomics has made it the right time to develop the new DNA portal system, PBB’s Manager of Data and Genetics, Megan Ellett says.

It's simple and user friendly and can be accessed by simply clicking the link emailed to you at the time of order submission. PBB has received some really positive feedback on the system from customers who have trialled it so far, Megan says.

“SNP testing has really taken off and we have definitely seen an increase in sample volume going through the office,” she says.

“With that, we get a variety of queries about SNP. Some of our breeders with larger herds, in particular, wanted somewhere they could access their SNP records to see all of the animals they’ve had SNP tested – and have it all in one place (all orders processed February 2023 and onwards will be loaded into the portal). 

The DNA portal is already proving its worth when it comes to making the process more efficient, Megan says.

“The current process involves the team having to manually send email notifications to our customers with order confirmation details etc. then once results are available, we manually email them out, so this new system is going to make the SNP testing process a lot more efficient for us as well, because people will be getting those notifications automatically.”

Megan says one of the comments the PBB team often hear from customers is that important results such as positive BVD or genetic condition carrier results are not highlighted enough. 

That’s now being addressed. The portal has been set up with special alerts to flag these results with customers and they will need to acknowledge that they have read these notifications as an extra measure. Any issues with parent verification analysis completed on orders will also be flagged, informing customers to contact the PBB DNA team to resolve them.

As for data security, Megan says customers can be assured that their data is securely held. All information is confidential, and people can only access and view their own data.

Further information on SNP DNA testing (prices, process etc.) is available on the Genomics page.