Beef DNA

DNA sampling is a vital tool for stud breeders.
Here’s some quick reminders about how to get the best out of your DNA results.

  • Hair or semen samples are accepted by Neogen, wet TSU/tissue is preferred. DNA samples can be taken at birth; however, you can take them when ever. For example, you may need to meet DNA testing requirements for a sale animal.
  • A completed Neogen DNA form must accompany all samples. Click here to download.
  • Complete the spreadsheet form electronically (save a copy of the form to your computer and type in the details), print a hard copy to mail with your samples and email the electronic copy to This improves the efficiency and accuracy when processing orders, as the order details can be imported direct into the Neogen ordering system from the emailed form.
  • For PBB/Neogen to be able to complete parentage/PV (sire and/or dam verification), parents MUST have a compatible SNP profile available to use in the PV analysis (microsatellite/MiP profiles not compatible). PBB can assist breeders with arranging/sourcing parent genotypes where needed.
  • PBB can source existing hair samples from Massey for SNP testing if needed for $10+GST (including the cost of hair card + splitting fee).
  • Young calves can be BVD tested using a TSU/tissue sample – there is no minimum age, however samples must be submitted ASAP following sample collection.
  • Get in touch with Megan at PBB if you have any questions about your DNA requirements. Ph 06 323 4484 or email