We pride ourselves in excellent customer service skills and in being progressive within the Seedstock Industry. Subsequently, becoming a Sheep Improvement Limited (SIL) bureau during 2000 was an exciting new addition to the services we already offer to over 1000 beef breeders nationwide. SIL is New Zealand’s leading sheep recording system currently recording with approximately 740 flocks and receiving Breeding Values (BVs) and Indices on their reports.

As an SIL bureau, PBB are able to record approx 150 different traits from your preprinted record sheets or directly from your paddock book. For those breeders so inclined, we can accept records via disk or e-mail and discounted rates may apply. If you have a computer but are unfamiliar with using the SIL compatible applications, staff will be pleased to guide you through the steps.

Our friendly, competent staff are happy to discuss your breeding objectives and those of your clients. This will enable us to tailor reports to suit your individual requirements and ensure you get value for money using the SIL system.

We invite all SIL clients to utilise our tag ordering and graphic design services.



GGP Ovine 50K   $34.50+GST


  • SNP Profile
  • Parentage
  • Yellow fat gene test
  • Fecundity gene test
  • Booroola gene test
  • Loin muscle gene test
  • Meat and fat yield gene test
  • Increased number of lambs born test
  • Microphthalmia gene test

All put together in a report so you can make better informed breeding decisions, confirm carriers and non-carriers of the above genes and have accurate parentage, therefore, allowing management benefits such as multi-sire mating. Work smarter not harder!

We make building your genetic profile easy

For fast turnaround, send your DNA tests to PBB and we will take care of the rest.

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