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Your one-stop-shop for Genetic testing

Bull sale season is in full swing, and I have enjoyed visiting Angus breeders to see what it’s all about.  I am sure

 that there won’t be a better steak sandwich in the world than the ones on offer at these events. The sale averages are looking really good and there just seems to be a real buzz in the air.

Today, PBB is proud to announce the launch of the PBB-Neogen Angus GS genomics offering.

PBB and Neogen have partnered up and this partnership sees PBB becoming the Neogen distributor for New Zealand.  PBB have put together specific genomic bundles for Angus aiming to offer discounts by bundling parentage verification, genomic profiling, genetic conditions and wet TSU’s.  Each bundle can also include a BVD test for only $8.50.


As part of saying thanks and supporting the industry, PBB will donate $1 to Generation Angus for every bundle sold.

The PBB-Neogen Angus GS is a full 50K test that is available to all Angus breeders by ringing the PBB office or visit www.pbbnz.com.

Your one-stop-shop for Genetic Testing


PBB Bundle


Includes 50K profile, DD, NH,
MSTN, MAN & OS + Parentage
+ Wet tissue sample unit

Genomic test will add to BREEDPLAN data

PBB Bundle+BVD


Includes 50K profile, DD, NH,
MSTN, MAN & OS + Parentage
+ Wet tissue sample unit + BVD

Genomic test will add to BREEDPLAN data

Parentage only


Includes parentage verification

This SNP test does not provide a profile for evaluation but is a
useful tool for parentage


We make building your genetic profile easy

For fast turnaround, send your DNA tests to PBB and we will take care of the rest.



Contact us to order

p: 06 323 4484    e: dna@pbbnz.com    www.pbbnz.com

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