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Keep your Mobile data recording going with pureFarming

Are you looking for a mobile app to improve your flock’s genetics, support your premium supply programs and that will allow you to hit your performance targets?

Now that Trimble devices running Flockmaster are no longer supported, a lot of you may be wondering how you can keep your mobile data recording going?

PBB has been investigating a number of different apps in response to Flockmaster not being supported anymore. We found the pureFarming app to be the perfect way forward because it works really well with the SIL database. Rezare systems and the Gallagher Group have developed pureFarming which is an easy to use mobile app that brings livestock data access right into the yards. If you want to understand your flock’s performance issues, or maintain growth rates, pureFarming can give you data analysis on how your mob has performed, and the factors influencing this.

pureFarming will help you collect data from a variety of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi equipped scales, EID readers and weighing scales onto your Android or iPhone smartphone or tablet, and deliver that data to your cloud computer storage where it can be shared through to the SIL database.

pureFarming comes with a $50 monthly fee which includes app support with an initial step-by-step training online via Skype or TeamViewer, with phone and email support available on Monday to Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM. To get your FREE trial and learn how pureFarming works with Beef+Lamb NZ Genetics for New Zealand sheep breeders, click below: