New StockBook Support Services

Turning your livestock data into dollars is the goal of a partnership just established between PBB and BreedSmart.

BreedSmart is a new business launched by Dale Boat, former stud block manager at Kakahu Angus, near Geraldine, so she’s well versed in the time demands on stud breeders and also knows how over-whelming the numerous software options and packages for farmers can be.

Dale recognises for farmers, data input is often put on the back burner as animal health, nutrition, farm infrastructure and compliance take priority, which means the data sits idle.

She says computer software and data input is also a task that’s doesn’t always come naturally to practically minded farmers.

“My goal is to help farmers capture their data efficiently and use it to make informed decisions, all whilst saving them time.  For example, something as simple as getting the full potential out of an EID reader. 

“Having the wand set up correctly before the yards can save farmers time and patience.”

The use of StockBook is one of her passions and she says the establishment of BreedSmart came about through her own experiences and frustrations.

“I didn’t have enough time to get the data in and it could sometimes be inaccurate – there’s room for error when you are in the yards, under pressure and surrounded by noise.”

She said the StockBook live entry function is a game changer within the industry.  It is robust and once set up, adaptable to individual needs. 

“It is live information at your fingertips. You choose what you see, you choose what you input and how automatic or manual you wish that to be.  The beauty of this is no more transferring from your head unit or pieces of paper post yarding.  You do it there and then.”

She said there are a lot of different software packages for farmers and she believes identifying the right one for each individual operation is key.

“You shouldn’t have to mould your business to the software programme. Moving forward in today’s industry I think StockBook is perfect for stud breeders, people just need to know how accessible it is.”

She also acknowledges there are numerous places that data needs to be entered - from Nait, Registrations/Transfers, DNA forms even down to your sales and purchase accounts.

“Understanding and correctly using StockBook can make that data transaction quicker and easier.”

Dale offers a suite of support services to farmers ranging from live entry, file uploads, reporting and system navigation.

She’s willing to travel for on-farm one on ones but there’s also the scope through PBB for group on-farm training days where a small number of breeders would get hands on training with StockBook in theory and in practice in the yards.

PBB General Manager Harry Faas said he’s thrilled to be able to offer PBB breeders this new improved and extended StockBook support service.

“Technology is a necessity in farming and Dale has the skills and experience to help free up farmers time and make them more profitable with improved data use.”

To book a session with Dale, call the PBB office on 06 323 4484 and talk to Lindy or Christel.

You can also follow BreedSmart on Facebook